Debut novel highlights Phoenix

Brad Graber says his goal of writing a novel had been percolating for years but acknowledges that he “had to make a living.” He finally decided to fulfill his fantasy by saving enough money and retiring short of age 60.

A native New Yorker with a master’s degree in healthcare administration, Brad and his spouse, Jeff (“two nice Jewish boys,” Brad says with a smile), moved to the Biltmore area from California seven years ago when he was recruited as the vice president of physician services for a local firm. Their dog, Charlie, rounds out the family.

Brad’s debut novel, The Intersect, has been his obsession since he quit his day job. (He also writes an entertaining blog, “Updates from Brad.”) Interestingly, a good part of The Intersect is a tribute to Phoenix. “I believe that Jeff and I were meant to make our home here, that friends we were yet to meet were waiting for us – and this has proved to be true.” He finds that the Valley “has the best welcoming and friendly people.” Some of the characters in his book reflect the personality traits of some of those he has met.

Stories “bouncing around” in Brad’s head for years have found a home in the novel. He addresses homelessness, elder abuse and myriad societal issues as his characters intersect to find comfort and lasting connections. Secrets are revealed, love flourishes and readers can readily relate to frequent references to local sites.

The Intersect is available in Phoenix at Changing Hands bookstore and on in paperback or Kindle versions. For more information, contact Brad at

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