Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to speak on the “Battle for the Soul of Islam” at Beth Ami Temple

Dr. Zuhdi Jaffer, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, will speak at Beth Ami Temple on January 24, 2016.
Dr. Zuhdi Jaffer, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, will speak at Beth Ami Temple on January 24, 2016.
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, an American Muslim activist nationally recognized for his belief on the “separation of mosque and state”, as well as being vocal opponent of the ideology of “political Islam” will present “The Battle for the Soul of Islam” as part of the Beth Ami Temple Speaker Series at Beth Ami Temple in Paradise Valley on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

The son of Syrian immigrants who escaped the oppressive Baath regime of Syria in the mid-1960’s for American freedom, Dr. Jasser is a devout Muslim and founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. The AIFD is the most prominent American Muslim organization confronting the ideologies of political Islam and openly countering the belief that the Muslim faith is inextricably rooted to the concept of the Islamic State.

The public is highly encouraged and welcome to attend this important discussion sponsored by Beth Ami Temple. The boutique reform temple’s Speaker Series brings to light important topics that not only impact the city’s Jewish population, but the entire Phoenix community altogether.

“Dr. Jasser presents a picture of Islam that represents religious tolerance for others and a different perspective,” says Beth Ami Temple Rabbi Arthur Abrams. “It is so important for us to hear about a more moderate view point of Islam.”

Dr. Jasser regularly briefs members of Congress on the threat of political Islam and has been called to testify on the issue of Muslim radicalization in the United States. During the event, Dr. Jasser will provide insight into the historical context of the cauldron in the Middle East that brewed ISIS and lay out the only path forward for the world’s interests: the promotion of a “Liberty Doctrine” in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Arab Awakening of 2011 presented the region with a major opportunity at a transformation away from old Arabic military dictatorships toward liberty. Instead, this created a vacuum that is being filled by Islamist movements. Dr. Jasser will discuss if there is a way forward from this situation and whether Muslim majority nations are only destined toward theocracy.

Dr. Jasser believes many American Muslims are conflicted about the state of their religion today. They hate and want to condemn the acts of terror, but they are not ready to take on the ideology behind the terrorism. Dr. Jasser looks to build the future of Islam through the concepts of liberty and freedom, and his organization’s mission is derived from a love for America and a love of Islam.

For more information on Beth Ami Temple and its Speaker Series, please visit www.bethamitemple.org.


About Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.: Dr. Jasser is the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy  (AIFD) and the author of A Battle for the Soul of Islam: An American Muslim Patriot’s Fight to Save His Faith. Dr. Jasser served as a Commissioner on the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.  A devout Muslim, Dr. Jasser founded AIFD in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States as an effort to provide an American Muslim voice advocating for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state.  
About Beth Ami Temple:  Beth Ami  is a boutique temple for active adults seeking a spiritual connection with their Jewish roots and social involvement in a small, friendly congregation.
Date: Sunday, January 24, 2016
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Beth Ami Temple (located inside Palo Cristi Church at 3232 E. Lincoln Dr., Paradise Valley
Cost: Free to the public; Reservation required — (602) 956-0805 or bethamitemple@hotmail.com 

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