Fighting hunger – and waste – in Israel

Why can’t we borrow this idea from the Israeli’s?

We love this initiative by Jerusalem’s young residents to feed the needy while preventing food waste.

Local vendors donate extra food at the end of each day which is then placed in fridges throughout Israeli cities, because no one should ever go hungry.

So how does the community fridge actually work?
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The fridge is stationed under the sponsorship of one of the businesses in the neighborhood and is open to the general audience.

The food businesses in the neighborhood that take part in the project, in collaboration with the residents of the neighborhood, contribute surplus food to the fridge.* Products that were meant to be thrown away are instead transferred to the community fridge so that the residents of the neighborhood can use them.
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Actually anyone who wants can give to the fridge and anyone who wants can take from it, the simplest!
*The fridge can contain fruits and vegetables, breads, pastries and dry products closed and sealed.

Today in Israel there are nine community refrigerators.

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