Resource Guide 2018-2019: Education Profiles

3718 E. River Road #100, Tucson
520-647-8442 •

JETCO, the Jewish Education Tax Credit Organization, makes it easy for you to support Jewish education in Southern Arizona. It’s simple!

Your investment comes right back in the form of a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state taxes, but even more importantly, in the continuity of the Jewish people. Every Arizona tax payer may contribute, both individuals as well as corporations. Participation in JETCO assures that finances are not a barrier for any family wishing to provide their child a Jewish education in a Jewish learning environment. Take charge of your Arizona tax dollars, and invest in the future of Jewish civilization—what a huge mitzvah!

For tax year 2018, an individual may contribute up to $1,107 when filing as a single, head-of-household, or married filing separately. Married couples filing jointly may contribute up to $2,213. Participants have many options to facilitate their allocation: monthly or annually, in person or online, or sending a check in the mail made out to JETCO. Partial contributions are welcomed for those who don’t qualify for or aren’t able to give the full amount and we’re happy to make special arrangements to aid your participation.

Businesses can take advantage of the Arizona Private School Tax Credit too. C corporations and S corporations filing a 120S corporate income tax return in Arizona are eligible.

For more information or to participate online, visit Your call is welcome at 520-647-8442. Todah rabah ‒ thank you for helping grow the next generation of the Jewish people!

3888 E. River Road, Tucson
520-529-3888 •

Founded in 1973,Tucson Hebrew Academy is Southern Arizona’s premier Jewish day school. THA creates a learning environment that stimulates, challenges and supports every child from kindergarten through 8th grade. Inspiring Jewish learning and life are complemented by outstanding secular academics in a loving, challenging and stimulating school setting.

Outstanding core academics are complemented by PE, fine and performing arts, library and counseling, technology, STEAM and maker-space studies, advanced mathematics and beyond. Students with diverse learning needs are supported through specialized programs. Our alumni continue to Tucson’s best high schools, America’s outstanding colleges and fulfilling careers.

THA fosters an ethical learning community that inspires students to become responsible, active, compassionate citizens and leaders. The joy and pride of living Judaism thrive here through traditional and innovative celebrations of our ancient traditions and heritage, study of text, history, modern Hebrew and Jewish culture. Our students obtain a strong moral compass, deep understanding of their roots, and the tools and motivation for living a Jewish life and contributing to Jewish civilization.

THA offers small class sizes and a 1:7 ratio of faculty to students on a beautiful, safe and secure campus adjacent to the JCC in the lush Sonoran Desert foothills of north-central Tucson. Parents, teachers and community members are engaged in school life and invested in everyone’s success. Partnerships with local Jewish organizations and synagogues and the greater community of Tucson are critical components of our program.

Generous scholarship opportunity supports our families – no child is ever denied a THA education due to financial constraints.

The Tucson Hebrew Academy: Enriching experiences. A lifetime of value.

12701 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
480-634-4926 •

Take the credit for Jewish education! The Jewish Tuition Organization ( JTO) is a student tuition organization (STO) that provides need-based scholarships for children to attend six participating Phoenix area Jewish day schools. The JTO raises funds through the Arizona private school tuition tax credit. The tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit available to both individuals and corporations against their Arizona tax liability. More than 90% of the funds raised are distributed through need-based scholarships.

“Taking the tax credit and helping the children in the Valley’s Jewish day schools is easy, support the JTO with the amount of your state tax liability,” says JTO Executive Director Linda Zell. “The tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit against an Arizona tax liability and you can make a difference for a child that will last a lifetime,” adds Zell. The JTO is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), so it is recommended that supporters consult their tax preparers regarding federal tax rules.

“We have been fortunate that each year more individuals and corporations understand the benefit taking the credit offers the children in our Jewish community. The more funds raised by the JTO, the more children we can support,” says Zell. “We were able to provide nearly 600 scholarships last school year, but our focus is to raise as much funding as we can so every child who wants a Jewish education can have one and our schools can reach capacity,” adds Zell.

12701 N. Scottsdale Road #201, Scottsdale
480-659-7769 •

The Valley of the Sun JCC’s Early Childhood Center is a play-based preschool with a strong emphasis on academic preparedness. We nurture each child’s natural curiosity, intelligence and interests, while developing their Jewish identity. Young minds and bodies grow through art, music, movement and learning. Parents have entrusted us with their children for more than 50 years.

We are nationally accredited by NAEYC, a testament to the quality of our programs, and serve children ages 6 weeks to pre-K. We also hold a four-star rating with First Things First, a critical partner that supports the development, health and early education of all Arizona’s children from birth through age 5.

We partner with the Pre-K Academy Program® to provide Literacy Links for children ages 3 to pre-K. Literacy Links provides fun, hands-on, developmentally appropriate learning experiences and encourages the love of learning and reading. Highly trained Literacy Coaches teach fun, multisensory lessons that prepare children for the Arizona Common Core Standards. The curriculum is based on the Arizona Early Learning Standards and the National Institute for Literacy’s recommendations for later academic success. We also offer gym, swim and cultural programs, as well as parenting and social programs for families and adults.

For information and a tour, please contact 480-659-7769 or

12701 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
480-668-3347 •

For more than a decade the Jewish Genetic Diseases Center of Greater Phoenix has worked to increase awareness regarding genetic disorders that are more prevalent in the Jewish community and the critical importance of carrier testing for these disorders.

The JGDC offers events throughout the year that focus on education, awareness and screening of Jewish genetic diseases. We provide affordable genetic counseling and screening for recessive gene mutations through the community’s philanthropic support. We are grateful for the support we have received that makes our work possible.

The Center began screening in 2004 for four diseases and currently screens for over 100 diseases. It is likely as the expansion of knowledge in medical genetic science continues, the Center will continue to expand the services it provides.

It is recommended that anyone between the ages of 18- 45 gets screened. We provide screening for both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, Jews by Choice and non-Jewish partners. If both partners are carriers for the same disease, there is a 25% chance with each pregnancy, that they could have an affected child! We are committed to doing all that we can to spare Jewish families from the heartbreak caused by these diseases.

The Center also provides education and referral services for hereditary cancers, specifically the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. Our events bring awareness to the fact that 1 in 40 Ashkenazi Jews are carriers of the BRCA gene mutation. This is nearly 10 times the rate of the general population, making Jewish families more susceptible to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. If found to be BRCA positive, one has a higher likelihood of developing breast or ovarian cancer during their lifetime.

Knowledge is power! Contact us for more information regarding your genetic risks and options. Together we can help achieve our vision of a Jewish community free of genetic diseases.

12753 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
480-991-9141 •
Peter Gordon, Head of School

Pardes Jewish Day School is an independent Jewish day school providing an outstanding K-8 academic program. Our program combines a  highly competitive 21st Century Learning curriculum with Project Based Learning. Technology is integrated into multifaceted, hands-on learning experiences emphasizing real-life problem solving, elevated thinking and opportunities for acceleration. Students receive the personalized attention they need to flourish as mature, well-rounded, confident and academically prepared young adults. At Pardes, children aren’t just students – they are artists, athletes, actors and musicians whose talents are nurtured and encouraged to shine. The result is motivated students who, upon graduation, are accepted to Phoenix’s finest high schools.

Students at Pardes are empowered to explore their connection to Jewish traditions, culture and community as they learn about Jewish history, the Bible, holidays and Hebrew. They are deeply imbued with Jewish values – providing strong moral and ethical foundations for navigating an increasingly complex and challenging world. Our inclusive community welcomes and embraces Jewish diversity.

Debuting this 2018/2019 school year is our state- of-the-art Makerspace. This cutting-edge innovation space is specially designed for students to gather to explore, discover, tinker, create and invent using a variety of tools and materials, software, electronics and 3D printers. Makerspace joins together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math preparing and empowering students to become Future Ready innovators and independent thinkers.

If you think you can’t afford a world-class private Jewish Day School education, THINK AGAIN. Generous financial assistance options are available for families at all income levels. Also, a variety of payment options are available, enabling families to find a method that works best for them.

To schedule a personal tour, please call 480-991-9141 or email

15030 N. 64th St., Scottsdale
480-951-5825 •

The philosophy at Temple Kol Ami’s Early Childhood Center (ECC) is to foster each child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and language development in an environment that’s safe, nurturing, and challenging while being sensitive to the needs and preferences of families. Infants through Pre-Kindergarten learn to grow and develop a positive self-image and strong sense of Jewish identity using a developmentally age-appropriate curriculum that integrates Judaic and secular materials.

The ECC is a play-based school where children learn by engaging in a variety of hands-on, multi-sensory experiences that interest and challenge them. Children begin to develop communication and language skills while learning to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of themselves and others.

In addition to the core curriculum, children participate in Art, Creative Movement, Hebrew, Music, Literacy Links, Science, and Spanish. The campus includes a dedicated science classroom (where students get up close and personal with insects), two beautiful playgrounds, and a one-of-a-kind splash pad. Convenient before and aftercare programs are also available with elective enrichment classes like Dance, Drama, Science Club, Art, Tennis, Pre-K Academy, and more.

Classes are taught by highly qualified educators, and student-teacher ratios are small. There are typically 2 teachers to 13 students in each classroom. In our Infant Rooms the ratio is even lower: 9 students to 2 teachers. The ECC also offers a weekly Mommy & Me program for moms and children ages Infant to 24 months. This teacher-led class is a great first step to help children socialize and prepare for preschool.

“I want all of our students to develop healthy self- esteem, critical independent thinking skills and, most of all, a lifelong love of learning – because when they have these building blocks, they go on to do extraordinary things,” says ECC Director Debbie Glassman.

564 S. Stone Ave., Tucson
520-670-9073 •

The Birin Family Educational Outreach Program at the Jewish History Museum and Holocaust History Center provides students of all ages an opportunity to explore questions about identity, community, memory and social justice through the prism of Jewish history in Southern Arizona. In the Jewish History Building, students will discover more than 100 years of Jewish history in Southern Arizona. By illuminating aspects of Holocaust history through the life experiences of Holocaust survivors, who have lived in Southern Arizona, the Holocaust History Center makes a seemingly distant history feel close and immediate. The Center hosts an exhibit that addresses contemporary human rights issues on an ongoing basis.

In February of 2016, the Jewish History Museum opened an integrated campus that includes a five-fold expansion of the Holocaust History Center, a newly curated, thematically-designed core exhibition in the Jewish History Building and new sculpture and memorial gardens. During our first two academic years, nearly 5,000 students from over 100 schools have participated in this transformative program.

The Jewish History Museum provides students with an opportunity to learn a history of Jews that is both broad and local. Beyond learning about Jews specifically as the primary targets and victims of Nazi racism, the museum presents a multi-faceted and dynamic history of Jews that incorporates aspects of religious practice, values and contemporary life.

Funds are available through the Birin Family Educational Outreach Fund to defray the cost of student transportation to the Jewish History Museum.

Please contact to schedule a school field trip.

7000 E. Shea Blvd. #J-262, Scottsdale
480-991-3686 •

NorthBridge is Maricopa County’s only college support program that specializes in helping students ages 16-26 who learn differently, succeed in post-secondary educational endeavors. NorthBridge’s mission is to provide support, resources, and guidance to postsecondary students with learning differences as they transition to, persist and succeed in postsecondary education leading to increased completion rates for this growing college-going population.

NorthBridge was founded upon the principle that youth with learning differences can transition and excel in postsecondary education with specialized and individualized support. Since 2011, NorthBridge has refined a standard-based college success program that focuses on developing key skills to college success such as executive functioning, communication, academic and self-advocacy skills. NorthBridge has two signature programs to help students transition to college and succeed once enrolled.

College Success Program is a comprehensive support system focused on both academic success and personal development. It includes complete degree planning (course recommendations), weekly academic mentoring/coaching, 1:1 scheduled academic support sessions (tutoring) and bi-monthly coordinated social events.

Accuplacer Ready is a customizable workshop series that helps students save time and money by testing out of developmental courses that don’t count towards gradation. During the workshops, students are motivated and learn how to improve their scores so they can test into the right courses.

NorthBridge received the 2015 Pathways to Postsecondary Education Award from the Arizona Commission on Postsecondary Education for our College Success Program that helps students with learning differences out perform their neurotypical peers. NorthBridge students are 24% more likely to pass their courses and 30% more likely to stay in school and earn a degree. This past May, NorthBridge celebrated their 36th college graduate.

1012 S. Mill Ave., Tempe
480-967-7563 •

ASU Hillel’s mission is to enrich the lives of Jewish undergraduate and graduate students, so that they may enrich the Jewish people, Israel and the world. Hillel provides resources and experiences for all Jewish students, welcoming a plurality of political, religious, social and intellectual perspectives and practices.

We focus on building the next generation of Jewish adults through leadership development, career mentoring, exposure to diverse cultures and places around the world, education about and travel to Israel, and Jewish education. We specialize in niche programming for students interested in career readiness, interfaith, women, Israel, wellness and Judaism. We host weekly Shabbat services (student-led) and free Shabbat dinner, as well as services and meals for High Holidays, Passover and other holidays throughout the year.

More than 85 percent of all American college-age Jews attend an institution of higher education, and Arizona State University has an estimated 3,500 Jewish students. As these students navigate college, Hillel is here for the ups and downs of each individual journey.

Hillel inspires students to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life by facilitating opportunities where students can gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to take ownership over their own adult Jewish experiences.
Hillel is a venue for acceptance and connectivity.
Hillel teaches Jewish living skills.
Hillel fosters students’ relationship with the Jewish homeland.
Hillel connects students to internships and jobs throughout the Phoenix area.
Hillel builds the future leaders of our Jewish community. Hillel introduces students to Jewish life beyond ASU. Hillel hosts warm, welcoming and meaningful Shabbat and
holiday celebrations.
Hillel reaches out to Jewish teens BEFORE they go to college, offering programs in leadership development, Israel education, and education about Jewish life in college.
Hillel advises university administration about Jewish holidays, kosher dining, Jewish culture and advocates for students and Jewish interests at ASU.

11802 N. 74th Pl., Scottsdale
480-909-6942 •
Chaya Mushka Ben-Shabat, Founder

Our mission is to revolutionize Jewish education and create happy, centered, compassionate and highly- skilled children who are rooted in Torah with a servant-leadership worldview by combining best practices in child-centered academia, holistic wellness, environmental preservation, cutting-edge technology and good old- fashioned FUN.

For Fall 2018, we will serve boys in grades 1-6; in Fall 2019 we will serve boys and girls ages 3-5 and boys in grades 1-12. Then by Fall 2020, we are aiming to serve boys and girls of all ages.

Learning will be centered around three educational pillars: Jewish life, academic excellence and everyday life skills; all based on one overriding philosophy: making sure that they know themselves for their strengths and not for their challenges. This school is based firmly on the best principles of Jewish education, but in a way that reaches the inner soul of each child and brings out their unique light. Our mission is to help our students learn and master the critically important, yet often underestimated, life skills that are required to thrive in today’s environment. Time management, emotional management, communication skills, leadership, goal setting, home management, nutrition, money management and long- term planning are just a few of the skills that our boys will strive to learn, beyond standard “book” knowledge.

At Menachem Mendel Academy we are very clear on our mission. We have a massive responsibility of molding the next generation of Jewish leaders. Kids deserve to be KIDS and be given the important time to play and have fun, knowing that this precious time, when correctly guided, actually facilitates deeper learning. We embrace our role of building a strong foundation that will allow our children to grow into brilliant and responsible Jewish leaders who can change the world, without robbing them of their childhood in the process.

845 N. Park Ave. #420, Tucson
520-626-5758 •
Prof. J. Edward Wright, Director

The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies’ mission is to contribute to the overall goals of The University of Arizona by promoting advanced scholarship, by translating faculty research into dynamic undergraduate instruction, and by contributing to the community through educational outreach and professional advising. We seek to transmit, interpret and critique Jewish historical, religious and cultural traditions for the benefit of present and future generations.

We host between 20-25 events per academic year including international conferences, public lectures, concerts, and arts symposia spanning the fields of ancient Israel, Medieval Jewish, Modern Jewish History, Modern Judaism, and Modern Israel featuring internationally recognized scholars in those fields. Our YouTube Channel (UAJudaicStudies), which features our event lectures and special analysis on current events, has reached more than 200,000 video views and 1,400 subscribers in the last two months. Finally, the website called The Bible and Interpretation, which features the latest news and information in the field of biblical studies, and is sponsored by our Center has surpassed 30,000 hits a month. This impact with knowledge-based information is exactly what we strive for at The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies.

We are known for two important features: our commitment to academic excellence and student success, and our extensive educational outreach programs for our community.

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