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 FIVE active campaigns seeking to hold institutions accountable for rising antisemitism under their leadership!

Join StandWithUs in Urging UC Berkeley to hold fully accountable all those who broke campus policies and attacked Jewish and Israeli students on February 26, 2024.


Jewish and Israeli students at UC Berkeley have endured antisemitic discrimination and harassment on campus for years. Tensions came to a head on February 26th, when anti-Israel students held a “protest” against an Israeli IDF reservist speaking of his service in Gaza after October 7. Hundreds of protestors devolved into a frenzied mob of harassment, intimidation, vandalism, and ultimately violence against Jewish and Israeli students.

UC Berkeley must act NOW to protect Jewish and Israeli students on campus and hold students and community members accountable for this outrageous attack on campus.

Contact Berkeley HERE.

Urge UC Regents to Address UC Campus Antisemitism at March Regents Meeting

StandWithUs has sent a letter urging University of California Regents to demonstrate leadership by conveying to UC administrators that indifference to antisemitic bigotry has no place on UC campuses. We ask the Regents to address campus antisemitism as an agenda item at their upcoming March 2024 UC Regents meeting.  Read StandWithUs letter here.

Contact the UC Regents HERE and encourage them to address antisemitism on UC campuses!

Take Action Against Antisemitism at Middlebury College


The StandWithUs Center for Legal Justice filed a Title VI complaint with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights seeking to remedy the creation of a pervasive and ongoing antisemitic environment for Jewish students at Middlebury College.

Jewish students at Middlebury College, who reported to the administration concerns about a pervasively hostile campus climate for Jews since October 7, 2023, have been met with total indifference. Even worse, they have endured unlawful and disparate treatment by the administration; retaliatory disciplinary proceedings; administrative denial that antisemitism exists; hostility; instructions to downplay and hide symbols associated with their Jewish identity; and outright failure by the administration to enforce their own policies to protect Jews. Read more about the complaint here.

Contact Middlebury HERE to take action against antisemitism!

Take Action Against Antisemitism at Columbia University


Antisemitism at Columbia University and the campuses under its umbrella have been notorious for decades; they have further deteriorated after Hamas’s barbaric October 7th massacre in Israel. Despite policies that could enable Columbia’s administration to protect its Jewish and Israeli students from antisemitic harassment and discrimination, the University has refused or neglected to act adequately, denying students the education and opportunities that they were promised when they paid tuition to enroll at Columbia. The law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres filed a federal lawsuit against Columbia University and Barnard College on behalf of StandWithUs Center for Legal Justice (SCLJ) and others.

Learn more HERE.

Contact Columbia HERE to take action against antisemitism!

Take Action Against Oakland City Council

Urge Oakland’s City Council City to investigate alleged Title VI and state civil rights violations and antisemitism faced by pro-Israel activists as they opposed an anti-Israel ceasefire resolution at Oakland City Hall on November 27, 2023. Oakland City Hall and City Council staff reportedly enabled a hostile environment towards pro-Israel activists, including failures by part of their staff to maintain decorum as required under municipal codes; failure to punish disruptions by the anti-Israel mob in violation of pro-Israel activists’ civil rights; failure to afford equal rights and protections to pro-Israel speakers; and failure to prevent civil rights violations.

Read StandWithUs’ letter of support HERE.

Contact Oakland officials HERE and call for an investigation!

By taking action on these issues, you can help send a powerful message that we will not tolerate antisemitism in our communities!