Articles by Debra Rich Gettleman


Marney Curly

Marney Curly isn’t her real name. Her real name is Marney Schoenfeld. But her gorgeous auburn mane so perfectly defines her that she’s actually listed in her husband’s contacts as “Marney Curly.” “When we first met,” explains Marney, “he had not asked what my last name was, but entered my phone number into his cell…


Vibrant is the new beige

Over the years, I painted every inch of my home to match my family’s personality and my own whimsical nature. One of my friends once proclaimed with a slight tone of horror that my house felt like a ride at Disneyland. I was elated by the comment and thanked her profusely. Another friend once warned…


What makes camp memorable

My two boys couldn’t be more different. Levi, my 15-year-old, is serious, thoughtful, spiritual and a true “old soul.” He loves Judaism, cooking, and the arts and has declared that he plans to become a rabbi, which fits his compassionate nature and intellectual approach to everything. Levi loves being the center of attention and expresses…


Young Athletes need this App

Ever since the 2010 Sports Illustrated cover story on concussions in the NFL, the subsequent suicides of Junior Seau, famed Pro Bowl linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, and other high profile players, the world has taken a serious look at the dangers of concussions, CTE and other sport-related brain injuries. Junior Seau’s autopsy revealed…



“Why aren’t you at the bus stop?” I sleepily barked at my 15-year-old son, Levi, as I pulled on a sweatshirt and emerged from another night of tossing and turning. “It’s 6:20. I can’t drive you to school. I have a breakfast meeting.” “Mom,” he calmly reassured me, “Relax. My regular bus driver is out…


Arizona school is world class

In its 2015 Quality Counts report, Education Week ranked Arizona as 47th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia on quality of education. That probably doesn’t come as a great surprise to most Arizonans, who have grown accustomed to our state’s dismal education report card. But what may astonish some is that our…

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