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Kristy Morcom: Discovering Judaism through genetics

Genes are tricky. They affect everything from your blood type to intelligence. More and more companies are offering genetic testing for everyday consumers to trace their ancestry and their vulnerability to specific diseases. Most days you don’t give genetics much thought. That is unless you are Kristy Morcom, who found out she was BRCA1 positive…


Vitani: A real, ready-to-drink martini

Eric and Jackie Gichner enjoy a good martini, but when they went looking for a pre-made, premium vodka-based version at the store, they soon realized such a beverage didn’t exist. “There was nothing on the shelves that was a ‘true’ cocktail like you would get from a bartender,” explains Jackie. “They were all either malts…


A financial family: Flader Wealth Consulting Group

Allan Flader knows a thing or two about money – and family. As managing director of Flader Wealth Consulting Group (FWCG) with the Royal Bank of Canada in Phoenix, Allan’s job truly is a “family affair.” His “dream team,” consists of his brother Michael, a specialist in retirement planning, brother Brian, a Chartered Financial Consultant…


Judaism is more than skin deep

“When we try to look our best, we beautify the vessel, so our beautiful soul shines through,” says image consultant Diane Faith. She notes that synagogues keep their Torah scrolls in beautiful arks and often dress the scroll in a bejeweled and ornate mantle that reflects love and respect for the Torah. “When you carry…


Biz Ins and Outs

Goodmans wins BOOST! Award from Arizona Community Foundation The Arizona Community Foundation’s Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy has chosen Goodmans Interior Structures as one of its first-ever winners in the BOOST! Prize competition. An office furniture dealer with offices in Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque, Goodmans will receive $40,000 to boost their efforts as good corporate citizens….


A taste of Italy

Whether it was called Franco’s Trattoria, or Franco’s Italian Caffe, for 30 years (off and on), there has been a Chef Franco Fazzuoli restaurant serving hungry Arizonans. There have been four different locations over the years, with each incarnation having a special offering. Franco’s Italian Caffe, in the heart of Scottsdale, is an intimate dining…

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