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Backpack Safety

If you’ve ever gone backpack shopping with a school-aged child, you know picking the right one is a big decision. The array of shapes, styles and patterns is matched by the range of prices. The modern backpack explicitly made for books has only been around since the mid-1970s, but it’s hard to imagine the time…


Kristallnacht: 80 years later

 This week is the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a two-day Nazi-sanctioned riot against Jews in Germany and Austria. On Nov. 7 at a Jewish ceremony was held at a Jewish school in Berlin marked the anniversary with lighting of Yahrzeit candles. At that event Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal said that the answer to “the evil of…


Israeli wine & philanthropy

Wine on the Vine Director Tatiana Hasson plants a grape vine at an Israeli vineyard. The grassroots program connects people all over the world with the flourishing world of Israeli wine. For $18 a grapevine is planted in a top Israeli winery of the donor’s choice. Wine on the Vine ( is the flagship program…


Breath and urine tests can detect breast cancer early

“We’ve now shown that inexpensive, commercial electronic noses are sufficient for classifying cancer patients at early stages.” ~ Professor Yehuda Zeiri, Ben-Gurion University Researchers have discovered that exhaled breath and urine samples can provide a fast and inexpensive breast cancer diagnosis. This early and accurate breast cancer screening is being done using commercially available technology….

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