Pre-wedding Mikvah Options in Arizona

A mikvah is a ritual bath satisfying very specific requirements that incorporate “living water” (running or moving water from a God-given source such as rain, snow, ice or a spring). Immersion in a mikvah is performed for ritual purification and a change in status, including before a wedding ceremony. The purpose of immersion is not…


Marrying Mores in Israel

Very few American Jews marry before they finish college. And even high school sweethearts are usually prepared to wait – or are convinced by their parents to do so – until they turn 21. In Israel, with university coming after a lengthy post-high school period (including army service, travel, making up for screw-ups in high…


Our Big Fat Inclusive Wedding

By Hila Ratzabi When José and I first started dating, my Jewish parents were not pleased. Though my mom is fairly liberal, some instinct flared up in her that has roots in centuries of Jewish fear of disappearance. Though that fear has lessened over the decades for many Jewish families, particularly in the United States,…


Wedding Directory

CATERING Chompies’s Catering Valleywide 480-348-2287 Founded by the Borenstein family, originally from Queens, NY, Cohomipies is Arizona’ New York Deli since1979. Service is as important as the food, so we have a dedicated team who will oversee all of your catering needs, from customizing your menu to final delivery and setup. GENETIC TESTING Jewish…

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