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15 things you always wanted to know about matzah

Photo by Sophie GordonFLASH90 Matzah is an unleavened flatbread that takes center stage in the Passover diet. According to tradition, it is forbidden to eat chametz – leavened breads, cookies or cakes – during the Passover holiday and thus matzah, an unleavened flatbread, is eaten instead. According to the Torah, the Israelites were in such…


Airbnb Cancels Anti-Israel Boycott

Airbnb announced the cancellation of their planned anti-Israel boycott with a press release on their website. The decision came as a result of the various lawsuits against Airbnb. The statement from Airbnb on April 9 reads as follows: Today, Airbnb is announcing that we have settled all lawsuits that were brought by hosts and potential…

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