Daily Archives: August 26, 2021


Emily Kaye joins Landmark Capital Mortgage

  Emily Kaye joined Landmark Capital Mortgage as a mortgage loan officer. Landmark Capital Mortgage is an Independent mortgage brokerage located in Scottsdale that specializes in home lending, including purchase, refinance, construction loans, FHA VA USDA loans, self-employed loans and more. Emily is a state-licensed mortgage loan officer. She is passionate about helping people succeed…


Cultivate Your Inner Artisan with Laura Tanzer

Tucson designer Laura Tanzer is opening up a new creative venture where she will guide participants through the very basics to advanced sewing and craft techniques. LearnCraftSew located at 410 N. Toole Ave. in Tucson will carry kits that contain everything you need to start sewing and creating, as well as on-demand, live and custom…


The ‘Path of Life’ COVID Victim Commemoration Project

‘For a Tree Has Hope’ “What is the main defining characteristic of the COVID-19 era?” asks well-known public activist Rabbi Shlomo Raanan. “The coronavirus brought about separation and disconnect,” he replies. “It separates between countries, divides communities and splits families. It’s about being lonely and alone. “My goal is to foster connection. Every Jew has…


Sunlight enhances romantic passion

Sun exposure has its benefits, among them: enhancing passion in humans. Researchers in Professor Carmit Levy’s Tel Aviv University (TAU) laboratory have found that exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight increases levels of romantic passion in both genders. The radiation affects the regulation of the endocrine system responsible for the release of sexual hormones in…

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