Daily Archives: November 23, 2021


Judy Laufer: Connecting kids and books

Photo: A young reader enjoying one of Judy’s books along with a Be Kind Bear. When Judy Laufer first started writing children’s books, the most important thing for her was to get them into the hands of young readers. So, shortly after she published her first book, Where Did Papa Go?, which looked at death…


A Hanukkah gift for our readers

In addition to Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coming this week, the Saltzman household is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of an enchanting children’s book written by my mother, Ruth Saltzman. The book, Poppy Bear And the Garden that Overslept, came out in 2001 and was an immediate hit with children, parents and grandparents. In fact, the…


The Evolution of Hanukkah

By Rabbi Jeffrey Schesnol All Jewish holidays have changed over the centuries. Their histories reflect the changes in beliefs, lifestyle, and socio-economic-political circumstances of the Jewish people. Originally, Hanukkah, which means dedication, was only a Maccabean holiday to celebrate the defeat of their Seleucid overlords and reclaimed the sacred Jerusalem temple and their rededication of…

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