Or Adam Congregation announced today that Ordained Madrikh and Rabbinic Candidate Jeffrey Schesnol is scheduled to be officially recognized as its first Humanistic-ordained Rabbi on April 22, 2022. A community celebration of the congregation’s 35th Anniversary and the Ordination is planned at the CutlerPlotkin Jewish Heritage Center, where he is Associate Director, on May 21, 2022. Schesnol is a leader in the movement of Humanistic Judaism and has served as the ceremonial and spiritual leader of Or Adam Congregation for Humanistic Judaism since 2013. He earned a B.A. from Roosevelt University; a Master of Arts in Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, is a certified PMP, Professional Project Manager, and will receive his rabbinic ordination from the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism (IISHJ). Schesnol received a life-saving transplant in 2007, and at 79 is the oldest known living gastro-transplant patient in the world. He is a living expression of the principles of Humanistic Judaism, having survived, practiced, and embraced its tenets. “Members of the Phoenix Jewish community have many choices when it comes to joining a synagogue or temple, but Or Adam is the best choice for those seeking a cultural or spiritual connection without religious regulatory structure,” said Rabbi Schesnol. “Or Adam is a unique ‘safe space’ for those who seek a congregation free from false choices between Judaism and their own integrity,” he said. “Our philosophy affirms the rights and responsibility of each of us to make the best of ourselves and our world. We do not petition God, government, or any other person to make the world a better place; rather that is for us to do as best we can. We wait for nothing or no one to repair the world, Tikkun Olam, because that task is ours and the selfactualization achieved is our reward.” # # # Or Adam Congregation Board President Bill Parsons said, “Or Adam board members and congregation are pleased to make the announcement and celebrate Jeffrey Schesnol’s rabbinic ordination. I invite anyone searching for a more authentic Jewish experience to give Or Adam a ‘test drive’ and discover how it supports a worldview consistent with both Judaism and Rationalism.” Hebrew for “Light of Humanity,” Or Adam provides a welcoming approach to Jewish celebration for all people who value Jewish identify by birth, by choice, or by association, and desire to express their connection to Jewish heritage and culture consistent with a humanistic philosophy of life. About Or Adam Congregation Founded by two local families in 1987, Or Adam Congregation https://www.OrAdam.com is an affiliate of the Society for Humanistic Judaism https://www.SHJ.org and the International Federation of Secular Humanistic Jews https://www.IFSHJ.net, and provides a loving, supportive community where friendships are made and strengthened. Or Adam offers meaningful cultural celebrations, meditations, music, poetry with positive Jewish values, and affirmations in lieu of traditional liturgy. To learn more about Humanistic Judaism, please visit: https://SLife.org/Humanistic-Judaism.

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