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Mark Gaucher Awareness Month with genetic screening

PHOTO: Young couples thinking of having children are encourage to consider genetic screening. JScreen, the national nonprofit community-based public health initiative dedicated to education and carrier screening for Jewish and other genetic diseases, has joined with the National Gaucher Foundation to mark National Gaucher Awareness Month during October 2018. The NGF is celebrating National Gaucher…


Breath and urine tests can detect breast cancer early

“We’ve now shown that inexpensive, commercial electronic noses are sufficient for classifying cancer patients at early stages.” ~ Professor Yehuda Zeiri, Ben-Gurion University Researchers have discovered that exhaled breath and urine samples can provide a fast and inexpensive breast cancer diagnosis. This early and accurate breast cancer screening is being done using commercially available technology….


February is American Heart Month

When you think of February, your thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day, love and heart-shaped boxes of candy. The American Heart Month was created so you spend some time also thinking about ways to keep that muscular organ in your chest going strong. About 2,200 Americans die each day of cardiovascular disease. Many believe that heart…

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