Deena Goldstein: Pop Art Pets

Deena Goldstein is an artist who loves “capturing moments from life’s inspirational journeys.” A creative dynamo, with an intense passion for multimedia, digital, acrylic and salvage art, Deena created Pop Art Pets a little over a year ago, adding to her already thriving fine art endeavors. With PAP, Deena turns photos into art, enabling her to showcase pets and animals in bold, expressive paintings. She takes great pains to bring out the soulful eyes, spirit and personality of each animal she works with.

According to Deena, the response has been overwhelming. PAP was born out of Deena’s desire to give her sister, a dog lover, an “out of the box” gift. After receiving pictures of her chocolate labs, Deena compiled a book of paintings she did of them. She named it Pop Art Pups and before long, potential clients were seeking her out.

While dogs, horses, and cats are usually in the limelight, an occasional “off the grid” pet like a hamster has also gotten into the act. “I just did two horse pictures for a client, and the woman was so excited,” says Deena. “That’s the best part for me; seeing the joy in their faces when they see the completed piece for the first time.” Deena encourages her clients to provide the photo that best captures their pet and what they love best about them. That could be a candid moment or something goofy like the animal laying upside down with their tongue hanging out. She also does paintings of people with their pets.

With photos of the animals in hand, Deena’s wizardry begins. The photo is the base layer, and most important factor in the painting. “I focus a lot on image clarity and resolution, tones and shadows, with a special focus on the eyes, since they seem to capture the soul of each pet,” explains Deena. The finished painting depends on where she pulls light and shadow out of the photo. “It’s basically a blank canvas at this point,” she explains. Once the editing is finished, Deena adds the color. She provides her client with four choices on a selection sheet and they decide on the final image which then goes onto the canvas.

“It’s taken me years to find an artist that will express my animals in such a vibrant and unique way,” says client Shelby Hoffman. “Deena has perfectly captured the essence of all my animals, from horses to dogs. Her pieces are show-stopping, colorful, and the perfect piece to remember my beloved family member by.”

In addition to PAP, Deena pours her energy into her multimedia creations as well, never losing her desire to create her eclectic art; much of which has been written about and exhibited around the Valley in galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and during special events. “I love messing around with colors and lines, layering colors, and seeing what develops,” she says. Fine art comes from my soul and my style is loose and free as opposed to expected and representational.”

Deena’s philanthropic efforts include working with Horses Help, a volunteer organization that provides horse therapy for children with special needs. Also, she is active with PACC911, Phoenix Animal Care Coalition, an organization that brings together over 100 animal welfare organizations throughout Arizona to create an effective animal rescue community.

“It is very important we celebrate with our sponsors,” says Gregg Goodman, executive director of Horses Help. We want to acknowledge the heartfelt gifts we receive for supporting our amazing therapy horses. Deena’s passion for working with our teams to create a unique treasure is critically important.”

When Deena is not creating, she is overseeing the family-owned, fall prevention, home safety business (Measurabilities Home Safety), spending time with family and friends, or actively participating as a Temple Solel member of the board of directors and Sisters of Solel co-chair.
Deena also creates custom art for a variety of clients and occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, client gifts and fundraisers.

For more information, contact Deena Goldstein at 480 734-0133 or visit

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