A house and a home

The first thing you notice when you walk up to Barton House is what it’s not. The architecture is not what you might expect from a memory care facility, where senior residents are coping with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not stark and institutional looking. What you do notice is that it looks like a…


All aboard for education and adventure

If you’re a history buff, you might be interested in an innovative travel program sponsored by the Bureau of Jewish Education (BJE): A Presidential Libraries Tour to Southern California this summer, from August 6 to 11. BJE Executive Director Myra Shindler promises that “participants will connect with like-minded adults who enjoy travel and experiential learning…


Senior dental care in the 21st century

With the ever growing senior population, dental care is more and more important. Medical advances in care and medications have us living longer but often at the price of your teeth.  Many of the medications we take today for cardiac and neurologic issues, dry our mouth out. A dry mouth is a direct path to…


So many things to do at Maravilla Scottsdale

For many residents of Maravilla Scottsdale, an award-winning senior living community located in north Scottsdale, retirement doesn’t mean slowing down. Here, extraordinary amenities, services and programs encourage on-the-go residents to enjoy the engaging lifestyle they love, while offering new daily opportunities for socializing, continued learning and connectivity. Take, for example, Bob and Patti Plack. As…


Senior exercise & nutrition myths

The following are answers to some common misconceptions regarding exercise and nutrition for seniors. By Anita Terlizzi I’m just too old to start now. Not true. You can start an exercise routine at any age. Even in your 90s. You are never too old to perform some sort of physical activity to better your health….


Going Above and Beyond for seniors

In Hebrew, a “Woman of Valor” is “Eshet Chayil.” It has become Jewish custom for a husband to recite this poem to his wife at the end of the week, and to think about and be thankful for all that she has done for him and their family throughout the past week. It is written…

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