Daily Archives: March 2, 2015


Celebrating Women’s contributions

By Stuart Wachs In honor of National Women’s History month, let’s celebrate the rich history of women’s impact on our local Jewish community and the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix’s plans for the future.  Women’s philanthropy has been an important part of the federation movement for decades and has played an important role in Phoenix….

Coming Attractions – Family Time

One of my close friends has a teenage son who consistently challenges both her and her husband in every imaginable way. Often as I watch their travails, I feel like I’m sitting at a Harkin’s Theatre watching my very own preview of coming attractions. And much like I feel at the theater, the previews are…


FUN in (and out of) the SUN!

The record warm days in February in Arizona serve as a potent reminder that summer will be here in no time. It’s time to start thinking about camp for the kids. While there are lots of options these days, the three JCCs in the state want to give kids the option to enjoy their offerings…

Camps Need Technology, Campers Don’t

As computers, cell phones and other evolving technologies become more tightly woven into the fabric of our daily lives, summer camps struggle with a growing dichotomy. As a business, camps rely on technology to efficiently manage everything from registration and medical information to alumni relations. But camp has traditionally been a technology-free oasis that allows…

Passover in Israel

By Teddy Weinberger The Passover season in Israel goes into full force right after Purim, that is, one month before the holiday. Israeli employers are encouraged to purchase various gifts for their employees, and consumers are encouraged to buy anything and everything in honor of the holiday. While it usually makes more economic sense to…


Passover Means Spring Cleaning

By Rich Geller Passover is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for spring cleaning! If your New Year’s resolution to finally get organized never quite panned out, Pesach presents the perfect opportunity to make good on that promise. The Torah instructs us to rid our homes of hametz or leavened foods in…

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