Daily Archives: February 25, 2019


Chef’s Corner: Apple Nachos

It can be challenging coming up with easy, healthy snacks for the family, especially when the schedule after school is overwhelming with baseball practice, lessons of some sort and planning dinner. Everywhere we go, there’s a temptation to buy a sugar-loaded snack to feed “hangry” children, and trust me I’ve been guilty of doing just…


Q&A with “Sisters in Law” playwright Jonathan Shapiro

Over the last 18 years, Jonathan Shapiro has written and produced iconic television dramas, including “The Blacklist,” “Mr. Mercedes,” “The Practice,” “Boston Legal ” and “Life,” as well as the upcoming HBO series “The Undoing” starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. Before he entered the world of show business, he spent nine years working as a federal prosecutor. Currently an…


Israeli designer’s 3D-printed shoes, outfits go global

Pictured above: Ganit Goldstein designed and 3D-printed these shoes that are now in the permanent collection of the Design Museum in Holon, Israel.  A unique collection of 3D-printed clothing and shoes by 26-year-old Israeli designer Ganit Goldstein has been getting attention across the globe. Goldstein created the “Between the Layers” collection of seven outfits and six…

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