A Personal Essay for Mother’s Day

Having had my mother for only the first five years of my life, I am probably the least likely person to write about mothers. This lack, however, I believe has made me a keen observer. It has also made me continually surprised and awed by the joys and challenges of motherhood. My memories are very…


Students need support in face of anti-Semitic wave

(Originally published in the Jerusalem Report Magazine) Most American Jews are well aware of the alarming upsurge in European anti-Semitism. In fact, Jewish advocacy organizations on this side of the Atlantic have become quite vocal in demanding that European governments combat this spreading scourge. Ironically, when it comes to the rise in anti-Semitism in our…


The Committed Relationship

Beliefs about marriage and divorce are part of our culture. However, some statements may only be myths that are so often repeated that the populace begins to believe in their veracity and, thus, they become part of the collective consciousness. Let’s examine seven of these so-called truths, while recognizing these are gross generalities and there…


Fred Fox School of Music

Family donates $20 million to name school for centenarian music lover Alan and Daveen Fox wanted to give Alan’s father, Fred Fox, a unique gift for his 100th birthday. They wanted to honor him in a very significant way, because he is so special to them and to many others. When they sat down with…


The Power of Philanthropy

Gifts such as the one the Fox Family has given to the UA can make dreams come true for students and faculty alike. As government support to the universities in Arizona dwindles, the private sector has an opportunity to step up and make a real difference. Here’s another example: Danny Katzen’s mother passed away in…


Storyteller Draws Wisdom from Around the World

Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho is quoted as saying, “The power of storytelling is exactly this: to bridge the gap where everything has crumbled.” Tempe resident Caleb Winebrenner could not agree more. Steeped in drama and theater since high school, the seventh-grade English and drama teacher is also a performance artist – a storyteller who draws…


Israel’s Spring is Full of Surprises

There were three big surprises over the last month. Not necessarily in this order, the first was the almost weeklong storm and cold spell in mid-April, only the third such occurrence since records have been kept. Some Shalom Aleichem-inspired web pranksters launched a convincing story claiming the Chief Rabbinate had miscalculated the Jewish calendar, and…


Trial by Fire: Lag B’Omer

As soon as the Purim holiday ends, Israeli children start preparing for their next big day. It’s a different sort of holiday, one that “fires” their imaginations for weeks. Of course, we’re not talking about Passover here. What kid is going to get all excited by holiday preparations that chiefly call for the cleaning of…


Federation unveils Senior Initiative

The composition of today’s senior population has changed from generations past. People are living longer, maintaining their interests or expanding to new areas, and staying sharp and involved. Yet the seniors, many of whom were called Boomers just yesterday, still have special needs that are unique to them. Nearly two years ago the Jewish Federation…

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