The Garden that Climbs Walls and Feeds You

The garden that climbs walls and feeds you “The future is edible landscaping,” predicts CEO of Israel’s GreenWall By Karin Kloosterman Israel21c Israeli gardening prophet Guy Barness sees two ways that people will grow food in the not-so-distant future: “Outside the cities at big farms like they do today, and the other way, which is…


Technological Fountain of Youth for Skin?

Tel Aviv University researcher harnesses pulsed electric fields to rejuvenate skin Distributed by American Friends of Tel Aviv University Americans spend more than $10 billion a year on products and surgery in their quest to find a “fountain of youth,” with little permanent success. Botulinum toxin — notably Botox — which smooths lines and wrinkles…


Taste of Arizona

Durant’s $$$$ 2611 N Central Ave., Phoenix 602-264-5967 | I love new restaurants, new twists on food and the sensational experience of tasting something delicious for the first time. I also love new artists and new music. My standard snarky remark to friends who have their car radios permanently tuned to classic rock is…


Durable Images, Lasting Memories

Aluminyze will print your family photos or their stock art on aluminum plates for an art display that is extremely durable: no need to worry about water damage to these images. “Kids really absorb the art around them and it becomes a part of who they are,” says Shani Posner, director of marketing for Aluminyze,…


Cooking Up Ideas as a Volunteer

On a 1996 trip to the former Soviet Union to teach women how to start a business, Janie Kuznitsky presented four women with espresso machines, coffee beans and accessories and trained the women to lead seminars enhanced by the experience of great coffee. Look in the dictionary for the word “volunteer.” It would make good…


Sending Out a Signal: SOS Smiles on Seniors

The recent Valley Jewish Federation study on needs of our senior population confirmed what many already knew: it is imperative that the Jewish community provide services, opportunities and care for our burgeoning senior population. Enter Smile on Seniors, a national program developed by the Chabad and administered locally by Rabbi Levi and Chani Levertov. The…

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