Daily Archives: October 1, 2018


Uncovering a family secret

Pictured above: Allison embraces her new found siblings, Victoria Yegehiaian and Mark Beekman. Imagine checking your Facebook messages and discovering a note from a woman who claimed to be your long-lost sister, yet you know you grew up an only child. What would you think? That exact situation happened to Rabbi Allison Lawton almost seven…


Facing a gray divorce

We are all used to the saying, “50% of marriages end in divorce,” but recent research pins the figure between 42-45%. The main contributing factor seems to be that fewer people are getting married. Many are opting to live together instead of tying the knot. There is one demographic, however, where divorce rates seem to…


Destination: Bar Mitzvah

Pictured above: Asher Kaye became a bar mitzvah at Gindling Hilltop Camp. Asher Kaye, son of Denise and Eric Kaye, celebrated a destination bar mitzvah at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps in Malibu, CA. “Camp has been such an instrumental part of Asher’s life, and he has made a home away from home at Gindling Hilltop…


Mitzvah Chit Chat

Mitzvah Chit Chat started out as a Facebook group in Chicago in 2016. They have since branched out to other cities and earlier this year they launched Arizona Mitzvah Chit Chat. Their website contains information on local vendors offering everything from décor and flowers to rentals and entertainment. They offer a timeline with recommendations for…


Jacob Miller: New StandWithUs High School Intern

Pictured above: StandWithUs’ Southwest High School Coordinator, Kate Chavez with High School Intern Jacob Miller at the August conference. Once again, StandWithUs meets the challenges of the 2018-19 school year with its campus Emerson Fellows and High School Interns. Both programs select and train 90 student leaders from 90 schools throughout North America to educate their peers about…


Chef’s Corner: Spicing up comfort food

I love comfort food and everything it represents. Growing up in Arizona, I was so fortunate to be exposed to both American and Mexican cuisine. These foods tickle my nose with nostalgic childhood memories from my mother’s Sonoran-style cooking to the traditional burger and fries. As I have gotten older, I have refined my taste…

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