Articles by Lucia Schnitzer


Chef’s Corner: Ooey Gooey Teiglach

If you’re not familiar with “teiglach” a Rosh Hashanah classic, then I’m happy to share with you this ridiculously delicious confection. “Teig” in Yiddish means dough, and “lach” at the end of the word normally signifies small. Hence teiglach, “little small dough balls,” soaked in sweet honey syrup, mixed with almonds and dried fruits piled…


Chefs Corner: Watermelon Surprise

Summer is here and I want to share this amazing dessert that will leave everyone surprised from the presentation to the very first bite. Watermelon cake is fun, gluten free and easy to make. My kids have a blast making this all year round, especially since it requires minimal cooking and just a few ingredients,…


Chef’s Corner: A Mother’s Gift

I’m a mother of four wonderful and amazing children: Aviva, Benzi, Gavi and Yasi. A breast cancer survivor of 10 years this month (baruch HaShem), I see my life and all that has come to us since, as a real gift. My Aviva was six months old when I was diagnosed, and after beating the…


Chef’s Corner: A Passover Delight

I love the culinary challenge of creating fun foods that make Passover memorable. I’m a big fan of gefilte fish, and have enjoyed it many different ways. The simple ingredients consist of white fish, onions, starch, and eggs, and have been an object of culinary delight and a linchpin of “Jewishness” for decades. Gefilte fish…


Chef’s Corner: What the Wild Things Eat

Sleep away camp – that annual rite of summer  – will be here before you know it, along with all the preparations for getting your child there. For our children, leaving the comfort of their home and familiar friends can cause anxiety, but the results can lead to lifelong memories, friends and increased independence. To…


Chef’s Corner: No Meat Mondays

Photos by Mathew Strauss The New Year is suddenly upon us, and people everywhere are making new year’s resolutions with the goal of bettering themselves. One of my resolutions is to eat less meat, not only for health reasons, but also to create vegetable-based dishes that my family will enjoy and request frequently. Burgers are…

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