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Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Recipe at HealthyFitBella This deliciously velvety soup is light but filling.  The soup has a creamy texture due to the pureed cauliflower, but this soup is dairy-free. INGREDIENTS The Soup 2 Heads Cauliflower (Cut Into Small/Medium Florets) 4 Garlic Cloves (Skin On) 2 Shallots (Cut In 1/2) 30 ml Olive Oil 3 Thyme Sprigs Sea Salt & Black Pepper 1…


Brunch Crunch Salad

This  Crunch Salad, is a wonderful addition to any Shabbat brunch.   Quinoa, Pomegranate Seeds, avocado, parsley and toasted almonds…a festive and healthy, vegan, gluten-free salad to add to your holiday table. Ingredients 4 cups cooked quinoa (about 1 ⅓ –1 ½ cups dry- see notes) 1 cup pomegranate seeds 4 chopped scallions 1 cup chopped Italian parsley ½ cup toasted sliced almonds…


Lazy Man’s Cholent

This recipe for Lazy Man’s Cholent is made in a slow cooker and is from Leah Schapira’s “Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking” (Mesorah Publications, Ltd., 2011). Schapira says, “… I received this recipe from my uncle and I couldn’t get over the fact that this must be the laziest cholent ever. Can it be that…


Colorful fruit salad

Kids will enjoy this salad as much as adults.   Ingredients 6 cups watermelon, peeled and cubed (1/2 watermelon) 4 cups cantelope, peeled and cubed 4 cups green grapes, washed 2 cups blueberries, washed 2 20 oz cans pineapple chunks (drained) or 3 cups fresh pineapple chunks Instructions Remove watermelon and cantelope rinds. Cut into cubes (chunks). Add to a large bowl. Add in pineapple…

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